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We love paddleboarding! The beauty of this activity is that it is a great entry level sport and perfect for everyone. Where surfing meets canoeing, you stand or kneel on a board with a paddle to guide and steer you. It’s a really fun and exhilarating way to enjoy being out on the water in the fresh sea air.

SUP Lessons and Rentals

Who Is it for?

Anyone is welcome to join. This class is great for a family outing and we can organise every age to be on the water with you. If you want it just for the kids, then we recommend children of 10 years and older when a parent is not on the water.

We find this activity perfect for those wanting some solitude and also perfect for those who want to feel part of a group having fun. We ask everyone to complete a lesson with us first to learn all about how to paddle correctly, learn a small bit on tides and wind so you can better understand the safety element and most importantly we teach you how to self-rescue and get back on the board if you decide to go for a swim .

SUP Lessons and Rentals

The stand up paddle 
boarding class

Your stand up paddle boarding class lasts for 90 minutes. Please arrive 15 minutes early to prep. The session starts with a lesson on the beach where we go through basic paddling and safety.

Then all the action happens on the water. Your instructor will teach you how to manoeuvre, some self-rescue techniques, We add in information on weather and tide for safety. Then we head off to explore the coast. Your instructor is with you for 60 minutes and then we leave you alone for the remaining 30 minutes to have some fun on your own.

  • If you’re not barefoot then you are overdressed

    Alison Jones

Paddle Boarding on Beach
Paddle Boarding Lessons and Rentals

What does It Cost

The learner session costs €35 per person and includes the session, board, paddle, leash, wetsuit and buoyancy aid. Rentals after your initial learner session are €15 for one hour or €20 for two hours per person and includes all equipment required.

Paddle Boarding Lessons

What should I brIng?

We supply all equipment required for the session – stand up paddleboard, wetsuit and buoyancy aid all included in the price. However to make your session more enjoyable prep with the following:

  • Swimwear for under one of our wetsuit
  •  Your own wetsuit if you have one
  • Big towel or changing robe as there are no changing rooms
  • Drinking water
  • Sunscreen
  • Please treat us like a trip to the beach
Paddle Boards on Beach


Once you have completed your learner sessIon you can now rent a sup from us, however we give you a designated area you must remain within for safety. We will remind you of some basic paddling and safety and get you on the water. You can have a 60 minute session or a 90 minute session