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West Cork

Crookhaven Is a small little fishing village with bundles of charm and is the last bit of land before hitting the Atlantic Ocean. Crookhaven Harbour is a safe and idyllic location for Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking. Whether you’re new to Paddle Boarding and Kayaking or not, you will make wonderful memories in our beautiful surroundings.

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Stand up paddle boardIng

We love paddleboardIng! The beauty of this activity (stand up paddle boarding), is that it is a great entry-level sport and perfect for everyone. Where surfing meets canoeing, you stand or kneel on a board with a paddle to guide and steer you. It’s a really fun and exhilarating way to enjoy being out on the water in the fresh air.

Our stand up paddle boarding lessons are guided by one of our friendly instructors and take place every day when the weather permits

This 90 minute class is the perfect introduction to paddle boarding for anyone who has no experience and has not done a lesson before. During this session you will take to the tranquil waters to learn the fundamentals of stand up paddleboarding. Once this lesson is completed, you can come back and hire on other days.

Who Is it for?

Anyone is welcome to join. This class is great for a family outing and we can organise every age to be on the water with you. If you want it just for the kids, then we recommend 10 years and older when a parent is not on the water.

We find this activity perfect for those wanting some solitude and also perfect for those who want to feel part of a group having fun.
We ask everyone to complete a lesson with us first to learn all about how to paddle correctly, learn a small bit on tides and wind so you can better understand the safety element and most importantly we teach you how to self-rescue and get back on the board if you decide to go for a swim .

What Is a typical Stand Up Paddle Boarding class like?

  • Please arrive a few minutes before your rental starts to get checked in and changed to go on the water.
  • Your instructor will start with a dry land coaching session where they explain basic techniques and everything you need to know to get going on the board before they take you out on the water to put theory into practice on the water.
  • Your instructor will be with you for a least 1 hr to ensure you get the grasp of everything. Then will give you a designated area and leave you for 45minutes to enjoy everything you have learned.
  • Your instructor will of course still keep a watchful eye over you from a short distance.

What to Expect

  • Land coachIng session

    SUP Stand Up Paddle Boarding & Kayaking
  • stand up paddle boarding 

    SUP Equipment
  • Instructor for 1 Hour

    SUP Lessons and Rentals
  • Safety and
 self-rescue technIques

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  • Worry less – paddle more

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VIsitor information

Session start times are: 09.00, 11.00, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00.
Both learner sessions and rentals start at these times only.
We ask you to arrive 15 – 20min prior to the start time to change and prep so that we are on the water for the time stated. All you need to bring is swim togs and towels, 

We recommend you wear shorts and t shirts on the water but we have wetsuits for you if required. Everyone wears a buoyancy aid. Card and cash payments are welcome at the beach, although our remote locations sometimes means reception is non-existent, so please plan ahead.