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VIsitor information

At Summer Stand Up Paddle BoardIng & Kayak we want you to experience the very best day out. We do things a little different than most water sports schools in that we want to help plan your day out so that you don’t miss the very best time to be on the water. We supply all the equipment you need so all you need to do is give us a call, book a spot an arrive with a happy face. We do all the rest.

Sustainability with SummerSUP


We are a responsIble and eco-friendly tourism provider.
Everything we do is aimed at reducing our impact on the scenic beauty of Ireland and our locations.

We know we all have a lot to do and this is just the start, but we are committed to having a positive impact on the environment, the communities we work in and maintaining the natural beauty of our coastline.

Some key ideas we try and encourage when visiting our areas

  • Litter picking – We ask all our customers to bring only what they need to the beach, but when they leave take something that is not supposed to be there- litter.
  • Every piece you take is one less that can pollute our beautiful coastline.
  • Impact – Try and minimise how you impact on the nature around you. Please don’t annoy the wildlife, destroy the grassland of our dunes and damage wild flowers and fauna.
  • minimise the effects of fires – while we encourage camping, we ask you not to have a camp fire unless it’s in a container/fire pit as this destroys the ground  and it may never recover.
  • Dispose of waste properly – if you bring something to the beach – bring it home with you!
    Leave what you find -While taking flowers/sand/shells home – it does eventually have an impact on our beaches.
  • Be considerate of your parking – while both our locations have car parks please ensure your park responsible, do not park on non-designated parking areas as this damages the area.
SummerSUP Sustainability

What we do for our area

  • Our staff to litter pick every morning and evening.
  • We only use recycled paper for all our advertising.
  • When we purchase equipment we ensure the people we buy from have a sustainable product and packaging
  • We have Clean Coast ( 2 minute beach clean stations and we organise group beach cleans monthly.
  • We are a member of Leave No Trace Ireland ( and practice their ethos in everything we do.
  • We ask all our staff to cycle or walk to work where possible
  • After every school tour we ask the group to do a beach clean and we teach them the Leave no trace principles
  • Leave nothIng but footprints in the sand

    Robert Burke

Paddle Boarding on Beach