Kayaking Lessons & Rentals

KayakIng Lessons & Rentals

Choose from a kayak lesson or just a rental. The difference is, on a kayak lesson we teach you all the basic strokes, self-rescue techniques and take you on an adventure which lasts for 90 minutes . Rentals are based in a designated area on the beach, it’s a large area are but we have an instructor watching you from the beach to ensure your safe and you do your own thing.

2 people Kayaking at sea

Who Is it for?

Absolutely everybody! We are ageless when It comes to kayaking however under 10’s must have a parent on the water with them either in a double kayak with them or in a single kayak beside them.
The great thing about our kayaks is they are sit on tops, meaning they are very easy to get in and out of and there is no feeling of entrapment.

Kayaking Lessons and Rentals Ireland

The Kayak class

Arriving 15 minutes before your class, we set up with all the equipment you need. Your instructor will go through some basics on the beach including safety and we will get you on the water as soon as possible. Here we will practice all the strokes, self-rescues techniques and go on an adventure. You’re out for 90 Minutes. The instructor will be with you for 60minutes and then we leave you for 30minutes to potter about yourself.

  • Kayak more, worry less

    Sarah Kelly

Paddle Boarding on Beach
6 young adults kayaking on the sea

What does It Cost?

The kayak class with an instructor is €35 per person which includes all equipment/wetsuit/buoyancy aid. Rentals are €15 for one hour or €20 for two hours per person which includes all you need which includes all equipment/wetsuit/buoyancy aid.

Kayaking Lessons and Rentals

What should I brIng?

We supply all equipment required for the session – kayak, paddle, wetsuit and buoyancy aid all included in the price. However to make your session more enjoyable prep with the following:

  • Swimwear for under one of our wetsuit
  • Your own wetsuit if you have one
  • Big towel or changing robe as there are no changing rooms
  • Drinking water
  • Sunscreen
  • Please treat us like a trip to the beach
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We are happy to rent you kayaks Instead of doing a session, however we give you a designated area you must remain within for safety. We will brief you with some basic paddling and safety and get you on the water. You can have a 60 minute session for a 90 minute session.